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Patrick Bond

PositionProfessor of Political Economy, University of the Western Cape School of Government (Cape Town, South Africa)

Patrick Bond is professor of political economy at the Witwatersrand Wits School of Governance and from 2004-16, directed the University of KwaZulu-Natal Centre for Civil Society. His PhD studies were at Johns Hopkins University (1985-93) under the supervision of David Harvey, and he also studied at Swarthmore College, the Peabody Conservatory and the University of Pennsylvania. He has lived in Southern Africa since 1989, and was editor or author of more than a dozen policy papers in the Mandela government. His books include BRICS (edited with Ana Garcia, 2015), Elite Transition (2014), South Africa - The Present as History (with John Saul, 2014), Politics of Climate Justice (2012), Durban's Climate Gamble (2011) and a dozen others.

Bond's work is primarily on the political economy of Africa, international finance, eco-social development and political ecology, and development issues in contemporary South Africa. He works in urban communities and with global justice movements in several countries. He has launched strong critiques against neoliberal governance regimes in South Africa and beyond, and the failures of capitalist states to tackle social justice and environmental degradation. A theme over the years has been his views on South Africa’s move from racial to class apartheid, in the form of Neoliberalism. He is a prolific author, and one of the most highly cited social scientists in South Africa.

Patrick Bond is an advisory board member of several international journals: Socialist Register (York University), International Journal of Health Services (Johns Hopkins School of Public Health), Historical Materialism, Journal of Peacebuilding and Development (American University), Studies in Political Economy (Carleton University), Capitalism Nature Socialism, Review of African Political Economy, and the Journal of Human Development and Capabilities (UNESCO, New York).