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Conference 2019

IX Conference «Africa and the formation of the new system of international relations»: Agenda 2063 for Africa and the prospects for Russian-African cooperation. February 15, 2019

Conference overview:

The 2019 conference was dedicated to the active development of political processes taking place on the African continent at the present stage. Just as in the XIX century. modern Africa has become a conflict arena for the leading world powers interests, since the continent is still one of the main sources of supply with environment and natural resources for developed economies. Large Russian businesses consider Africa as a promising investment destination. Energy and mining spheres, as well as agriculture, manufacturing, transport and infrastructure issues are in the spotlight. The need to ensure stability and security in this region is the key to the successful and progressive development of bilateral and multilateral relations between Russia and the states of the continent. AGENDA 2063 is Africa's blueprint and master plan for transforming Africa into the global powerhouse of the future and also the promising project allowing the coordination of national efforts in order to build an independent Africa within regional and global international relations system. The study of this direction in the framework of the Russian school of African studies seems to us an interesting task for the entire scientific community.

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